Wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy getting more fit? 

I specialize in how to correctly match your wants and needs. My unique gym and 18 years practice may be an ideal place for you to make improvements you thought not possible. I will teach you how the right combination of diet, weight training and cardio will make getting more fit easier.

I will also help you be mindful of positive and negative recurring thoughts and body positions. With your feedback I can help you stay on the course you want.

My gym has the environment and equipment you need to:

1. Lose body fat – 24/7 cardio machines, complete variety of full body workouts with comprehensive dietary coaching. I will coach how to have the right challenge to burn the most fat and help you enjoy the process.

2. Build muscle – Weight training is a necessary component regardless of your goal. My expert technique will help you improve your energy level, posture, all phases of performance, appearance, metabolism, balance and coordination, bone density, immune system, lower blood pressure and regain muscle that usually declines after 35. 

3. Progress around and through injury – The advantage is 18 years of full time hands on experience treating minor to major injuries. My physical therapy background will help you retrain your muscles systems properly. My gym has all the unique tools and equipment to create the right work load to get around pains.

If you are willing to carve out some “me” time, I would love to help you make that time, the best in your day!

Contact me for a free consultation today: 408 – 761 – 8076

Please peruse through the other links and videos and testimonials to get a better sense on how I may help you. 


Customer Testimonials

Daniel Robertson has focused on customizing and tailoring my workouts in a format that creates challenge with results. Core integral training professionally mastered by experience and knowledge of technique. I am particularly impressed with his personal integrity and guiding principals.

Campbell, CA

I have been working with Dan since May 2004. At that time my balance and flexibility were poor and I became exhausted after only minor physical exertion. With Dan’s holistic approach, including diet, exercise, motivation and general physical awareness, I lost 65 pounds and I got to the point where I was able to finish my first triathlon this past month.

I have worked with others in the past, but never had the confidence that I have with Dan. He is a consummate professional and has the patience to teach you how to make meaningful changes. If something hurts, his extensive education and knowledge are such that he can explain why that is, and how to correct it. I used to think I had arthritis in my knees, and now I run 25-30 miles per week without pain. Thanks to Dan!!

Walt Friese
Campbell, CA

I am a 60-something grandmother with a high stress, physically intense job. I also have a passion for hiking. The “grandmothering”, my job and my love of outdoor activities require me to keep up my energy and stamina. Dan has helped me to do this by providing exercise and training designed just for my needs. Dan has focused on ways to increase my strength and flexibility in my everyday activities as well as my recreational “fun stuff”. This has enabled me to run and play with my grandkids, climb high mountains (I recently climbed Half Dome in Yosemite) and do my job as well as some of my younger co-workers.

C. Wheeler
Saratoga, CA

I’ve trained with Dan twice weekly for over a year. He’s an extraordinary teacher with a passion for helping his clients become stronger, more flexible and healthier. There’s no “cookie cutter” approach with Dan. Each client has an individualized program that Dan consistently evaluates and updates to add challenge, motivation, and improved strength and health.

Elizabeth Miller
Saratoga, CA

Dan is passionately dedicated to his work. He has helped me feel and look better than I have in years. Dan’s holistic approach is simple, makes sense and keeps me constantly motivated

Liz Wright
Campbell, CA


Video Testimonials

If you are senior you will be inspired by how Liz made incredible  changes in her weight and strength.

Sarah is another example of someone who lost 30+ pounds in a few  months and has kept it off even in college by herself.


Karthik proves that with the right knowledge of how to eat and  exercise you can lose fat and gain a lot of muscle at the same time  quickly.


Sherene explains how her exercise program can be fun, effective and  without a bunch of boring machines.


If you suffer from back pain like Mark did, you should know that simple  but specific exercises can really help.


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