About Daniel

Enjoying fitness has been the primary focus of my entire life.  Unlike most people mine was not actually by choice. Growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, our family’s livelihood depended on a physically demanding lifestyle ranging from harvesting crops for food, chopping wood for heat, obtaining milk from cows, and shoveling anything and everything you could imagine.

As you can imagine, I quickly learned the value and importance of proper body posture and movement.  From then on, my life has been dedicated to understanding how functional anatomy, physiology, nutrition and physical therapy empowers human movement, core training, proper breathing, functional posture and physical performance. 

The birth of my son was the happiest day of my life, but also introduced a new challenge to staying healthy given varying levels of energy, sleep, and time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I have been able to survive with discipline in eating right and exercising opportunistically.  This is a life lesson that I have shared with clients who have gone through similar time and energy management challenges.

In recent years, I have noticed an increasing trend in boot-camp style fitness, whether that is in a class or in a personal session.  While I think this can be effective at instilling discipline in athletes, I don’t think it is appropriate for everyone.  The benefits are usually very short term and not very sustainable for the long term.  Everyone’s body is different, which means that your body’s ability to perform at peak levels is always changing, whether that is in response to diet changes, level of activity that week, or even the amount of sleep you got.

Because of this, I proactively tailor each workout session to your body’s abilities on any given day to help maximize the results without adding unnecessary stress to your body.

My goal is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing a positive and encouraging environment where you can learn about what to eat, how to exercise without getting bored, and have fun getting your body into shape.

I hope that we can embark on the journey together in helping you become a master of your own fitness.



Daniel Robertson
Owner and Head Trainer at Master of Fitness