Senior Fitness

If you are like most seniors you may have similar goals but your challenges may be quite different. My focus is in-depth programming at a reasonable price.

  1. One on one privacy for better comfort, communication and focus
  2. Creative ways they can incorporate their program anywhere.

Note, if you are a member of Silver and Fit program I am happy to get you started on the right track.

Below are a few many keys to longevity.

GAIT – Walking properly is by far the single most important exercise you can do to stay fit. It can help you reduce stiffness, tone muscles and reduce unwanted mind and body tension. I assess all aspects of your gait to help you understand and correct properly alignment to synchronize flow of joints and muscles. This normalizes breathing and movement efficiency.

AEROBIC EXERCISE – When performed long enough and properly you may feel that wonderful endorphin release that makes you feel great. Doing so properly can reduce unneeded body fat, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other symptoms. It can also improve your sleep, metabolism, mood, and energy level so you can better enjoy your daily activities. For maintenance you should build up to 20- 30 minutes 4-7 days per week. If you want to lose weight you may need to do much more.

STRENGTH TRAINING – You should do a minimal of 2 days a week of strength training for maintenance and 1-2 days more to strengthen weakened muscles. The right program will allow you to notice strength gains in 2-4 weeks and can improve or protect bone density.

REHABILITATION – I am familiar with common issues such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, back problems, rotator cuff issues, tendonitis, hip or shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulders or recent surgeries. I have extensive physical rehabilitation education and experience. I have patients come to me who are still in physical therapy or just recently completed but need more progressive strength and conditioning in multiple areas. My job is to find creative ways to give you a great workout despite your challenges.

FLEXIBILITY – Flexibility is key to move through normal range of movement. This also lubricates your joints to reduce joint stress and maintains health muscle tone. I enjoy helping learning and teaching which stretching techniques work best for you. Back in early 200o I earned a credential called Integrated Flexibility Specialist (IFS) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). It was a combination of different types of stretches to improve certain muscle flexibility.

While it is was a great program that had some effective benefits, it only scratched the surface when it comes learning how the spine drives function. To be effective for seniors I believe you have to go well beyond what personal training certifications teach you by immersing yourself in physical therapy education and other eastern philosophy therapies.

I have witnessed significant improvements in extremities just through teaching proper posture and spinal mobility techniques to restore normal spine and pelvic function. I enjoy learning structural integration, aka rolfing with Erik Dalton and PT training through Richard Don Tigny to gain much more understanding of how to more effectively reduce pain, stiffness and restriction.

BALANCE –  Working on good alignment, flexibility and strength in many areas of the body can help restore your balance. I use various tools and mirrors to help you improve awareness of alignment and movement.

DIET / FAT LOSS – As seniors age their digestive system may not digest or absorb nutrients as well. If you plan on exercising it would be important to make sure you are eating a healthy diet for you goals. Learning a little bit about what, when and how much you eat will be a good start. Once I assess this, you may need to consider instituting small changes about how you plan, what to eat, where you eat and what you choose on the menu. Cutting down 100-200 calories a day can a make help you lose several pounds of fat over a few months.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Bringing about new habits is a challenging uphill battle. It is so easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of what is really important and fall back down. It is a lot easier to have someone qualified to help you along the way when it is tough. Setting an appt. and paying for your health keeps your goals at the top of your mind. Once you are here, the rest of the session is down hill. Having regular meetings and discussing what is really important while enjoying the process is part of the goal.

You will be inspired by how Liz made incredible changes in her weight and strength. I have been working with Liz for almost 10 years now yet she is still maintaining her weight and relatively pain free in her 80’s. Through this process she has stayed mentally strong to push through her aches and pains. Well done!!