Getting in shape

Losing weight and getting in shape is less complicated than people make it out to be.   For the most part, the body is predictable, which means if we tweak certain lifestyle habits, it won’t take long to see results.  Although everyone’s body is different, there are a few universal truths to losing weight:

1)      Eat less calories than you expend each day

2)      Exercise not only strengthens your body, but expends more calories which helps offset meal calorie intake

The challenge we typically face is understanding exactly what it is that we should eat and what exercises we should do that yields the most results with the least amount of effort (aka efficient exercise).  It’s my responsibility to provide you with guidance, see results, and help tweak your regimen for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Click on the videos below to see what my clients say about getting in shape with Master of Fitness.


Sarah is an example of someone who lost 30+ pounds in a few months and has kept it off even in college by herself.



Sherene explains how her exercise program can be fun, effective and without a bunch of boring machines.



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