Losing Weight

The basic science of losing fat     ( Sample videos below )
Performing the right Frequeny, Intensity Type and Amount (FITA) of weight training and cardio are well established critical factors to wt. loss goals. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the essential process.
The right weight training to build more fat burning machinery (muscle) where you like it and need it, is a complex essential process for several logical reasons.
1. Create room for your calories to go to since the vast majority of those calories you eat will store as glycogen in muscle. Without this process more calories can store as fat.
2. Burn more calories at rest 24/7. Cardiovascular exercise cannot do that.
3. Improve exercise intensity to burn more calories when you do any exercise full body exercise.
4. Reduce injury symptoms
The right cardiovascular exercise comes next.
There are many ways to get your heart rate up to burn off the fat calories while burning a portion of glycogen in your muscles. However, there are few that will create a continual positive endorphin release. Running, biking and cross trainers are time tested and will be likely the best for you long term. Yes, they can be boring but if you integrate them at consistent intervals with other types of exercise it can be a winning combo. My gym is setup extremely well to allow creative transitions of different types of cardio / weight training formats you have not experienced.
The right diet is one that will allow you great workouts to burn the fat off. Through learning a little about how your body uses nutrients you will be more willing to fix any dietary issues. As a certified nutritionist and behavior coach, I guide you through the positive mental process and the process of what when and how many calories you consume.
Over the 20 years teaching weight loss I have worked with many hundreds of clients who ate quite healthy and appropriately. As a nutritionist, I would help them create a proper diet for their goals, get them to keep it consistent, go over their journal and witness all too often that they did not lose much fat all, even after 6 months to a year. They simply were unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices do enough cardio. Appropriate challenging cardiovascular is an absolute need! Long term research has shown that people who lose weight and keep it off do cardio every day. 
The right cardio not only makes you feel good while you do it, but it also gives you more energy for hours afterward. It also improves your mood to handle stress better, makes it easier to make positive choices and allows you to sleep better. Another point worth noting is that you will remember the feeling if you zone into it, and notice how time slips away. When you are done you will remember what it felt like and be more willing to do it again with out having proverbial “stick” hover over you. The problem is if you wait too long that natural high you experienced can be forgotten when you get too distracted.
What this taught me is that while doing a lot of great functional weight training, cross fit, high intensity training and interval training may have its own benefits, “more on this later” it is not going to yield you this critical endorphin release for those really just wanting to be thinner. 
If you are truly ready for a change, I would love to help guide you through the process.
I want to share a few more points regarding the weight training as a mode of weight loss. 1st of all, what part of your body is genetically designed to have more endurance? Obviously legs. Who tends to have a bigger upper body which produces more muscle and burns more calories? Clearly men.
Who generally wants to have a bigger upper body? Men again. 
With all those facts known, if you are a woman and you really just care about losing fat, why would spend a great deal of your time and money performing TRX, Crossfit, pushups, kettle bells, rows, and plethora of arm abs exercises? All those types may be fun and useful but question its relevance to your fat loss goals?
The risk of injury is higher, the amount of calories you burn will be much lower as compared to more effective cardio via your legs. Based off of the success of clients I have seen for 20 yrs. you will see a lot faster fat loss results sticking to the easy – moderate cardio. Getting a stronger core and upper body is nice but fitting into the clothes you want to wear is much more enjoyable. Remember your goal is to use muscles to burn fat not to get muscles burning. The more you burn muscles the less fat you are burning and the faster you will tire.
If you meet with me I am happy to discuss the best strategy for you based off your current diet and exercise program.

Click on the videos below to see what my clients say about getting in shape with Master of Fitness.

Sarah is an example of someone who lost 30+ pounds in a few months and has kept it off even in college by herself.
If you are senior you will be inspired by how Liz made incredible changes in her weight and strength. I have been working with Liz for almost 10 yrs now and she still is maintaining her weight and relatively pain free in her 80’s.

Sherene explains how her exercise program can be fun, effective and without a bunch of boring machines.


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