Rehabilitation clients tend to appreciate my tailored workouts the most because of my physical therapy background.  In our initial consultation meeting, I typically cover the following:

1)      Listen: understand your injury history, what motions or activities cause discomfort

2)      Evaluate: Do very light physical tests to confirm and pinpoint the source of pain/discomfort

It’s not uncommon that a client will come to me with complaints of pain or discomfort, only to learn that it is actually due to the body’s overcompensation to cope with an injury several years ago that they completely forgot about.  This is typically revealed as I pay close attention to posture, balance, and light resistance training.  I also have several clients who suffer from existing or chronic issues such as joint, knee, or back issues and our goal is to help strengthen the body while also improving their overall health.


If you are senior you will be inspired by how Liz made incredible changes in her weight and strength.



If you suffer from back pain like Mark did, you should know that simple but specific exercises can really help.



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