Overcome injuries and pains

I am able to accommodate a wide variety clients who present many injuries, yet need to lose weight and build strength. My forte is dealing with all the challenges and giving you solutions.

Often clients come to me with a host of common issues including bunions, plantar fasciitis, back problems, rotator cuff issues, tendonitis, hip or shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulders or recent surgeries. Since 2008 I have had extensive physical therapy study and experience so I am fairly comfortable with clients come to me who are still in physical therapy or just recently completed PT and need more progressive strength and conditioning in multiple areas. I also provide low cost molded arch supports. If you want to come to your home to set you up with the ergonomics and workout system. I have taught many classes on these topics and experienced enough to find home solutions.

If you are senior you will be inspired by how Liz made incredible changes in her weight and strength. I have been working with Liz for almost 10 yrs now and she still is maintaining her weight and relatively pain free in her 80’s.


If you suffer from back pain like Mark did, you should know that simple but specific exercises can really help.


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